Affleck’s Batman: What we know so far

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Earlier this year premiered the long awaited big screen adaptation of the legendary Batman vs Superman, this time under the name of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, And while it received mixed reviews and the Ben Affleck’s Batman was highly controversial.

Keeping it up to the expectation built by the amazing Nolan trilogy with Christian Bale’s Batman was not an easy thing to do. But in spite of everything some critics did say that Ben Affleck delivered a great performance as the dark knight. Now he’s to play the role of Batman o the upcoming Justice League movie adaptation, which will include most of the renamed and most famous DC characters.

However a back in june, Affleck confirmed that he will be directing and producing a new stand-alone batman movie. Playing the role of the caped vigilante once more, this would be his fourth time, counting his appearances in Suicide Squad.


A few weeks ago Affleck tweeted a video hinting at what might be the villain for this movie, and it is now confirmed that it was indeed this. The video showed us a character that’s very familiar for most of us comic book fans, it was Slade Wilson A.K.A. Deathstroke, a mercenary-assassin and a villain in the DC universe. He first appeared as a main villain for the Teen Titans back in 1980, and has made appearances as a villain for many DC heroes through the years.But, the fact that Deathstroke is a villain in the new Batman movie, brings up another question: Who hired him this time? This has yet to be revealed, though by looking at DC’s recent movies, one can only assume that there will be more than one villain in this new movie.


As for the cast, it has yet to be revealed, we already know that Affleck’s taking on the role of Batman once again, and that Deathstroke will be played by Joe Manganiello. Aside from this we can assume that J.K. Simons will join the cast after his first appearance in the DC universe in next year’s Justice League movie as the Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon. It will be interesting to see how Simons takes on this role after the amazing performance that Gary Oldman gave us in the Nolan trilogy.  We must remember that he already gave us a great performance in another superhero movie, only that in the Marvel universe, where he played J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy, so he’s not new to superhero movies.

Jared Leto has also mentioned that he would like to take the role of the Joker again, but we must remember that he had some issues with Warner Brothers after most  of his scenes as the joker were -according to Leto himself- cut out of the final release version of the film without previous notice. So we’re not sure if he’d actually like to work with them once again after this.

Release date?

As for when will this movie release, there’s still no date, While Affleck claims that he thinks Warner Bros has a date, the company is not quite sure of this. So it would seem we will have to wait for now. Affleck did mention once that he’d like to give it some time before starting again with stand-alone Batman movies since Nolan’s trilogy is still fresh, with the last of them being released only four years ago. Only time will tell when we’ll get to see a new stand-alone batman movie, but in the meantime we do have plenty of superhero films to enjoy so stay tuned for more news on Affleck’s Batman!

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