Fan Made Batman v Superman Trailers, Good or Bad?


Theres been a few fan made trailers going around at the moment, some good, some bad and some amazing but I will get onto them in abit. First just want to say that I don’t mind Fan made trailers, however I do believe there are  two simple things people have to keep in mind when they make one:

1st  Production – When making a fan made trailer keep in mind which voiceover you use because some just sound shockley bad (and hard to understand) and some use well known lines from films that have nothing to do with the film you doing a trailer on. Also watch what films you use to get your clips from, most film fans will know straight away what film the clips are from which is fine the problem come again when people use clips that make no sense or show one character with one hair colour then the next clip shows them from a different film with a different colour (bad production) as long as you look out for those you should be fine.

2nd “FAN MADE” – I know lots of people make fan trailers to get views on youtube which is fine in my book, if you make something then you deserve to share it if you want to. However I believe you should make it clear in the title it’s Fan made as you do get people sharing these fan made trailer thinking its real and just look stupid when there friends say it Fake. I personally think it’s better having people think this person made a great fan made trailer then them feeling mislead besides the more people thinking you made something cool might lead to more subscriptions to you channel.

But anyway on to the three Batman vs Superman fan made trailer that I’ve found.

The first one I know most people have seen, and in my eyes in the best one out there. The voice overs are great and the production is fantastic. The main reason why it’s so good is that they’ve taken the time to get clips from well known films with actors from the upcoming film but have also added CGI to add links  to the Batman and Superman universe like Lexcorp logos to the background etc. To be honest this trailer even though fake gets me excited about the coming film. Check it out below:

The second Fan made lacks in the production but its still ok however it lets itself down in one key area they having Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor which we all know is going to be played by Jesse Eisenberg in the actual film. Check it out below:

Well that leads us to the final trailer. Not much to say on this one besides you add lego to anything and it becomes awesome.

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