How Is ‘Gotham’ Performing?

There are plenty of reviews out there, both of the individual episodes and how the season has been progressing.

Generally speaking, we’ve definitely seen an uplift in episodes, but that was starting from quite a low base. We’re pleased with the progress and some of the bigger story arcs that are developing, but some of the character development is slow if not non-existent, with cameos feeling nothing but forced nods to the hard core fans.

But that’s only an annecdotal means of measuring the show. Another is through the ratings system over at IMDb, the Internet Movie Database.

Each individual episode can be given a score, which allows us to track performance for the episodes, as well as trends throughout the season.

Here’s what FOX’s Gotham looks like to date:

Although it’s early days, its clear we’re seeing an upward trend since the pilot as the show has found its feet.

It is worth noting that these is from a rather small sample of votes and very early days. Traditionally it’s people who look favourably only the show that are the ones who vote first, so we can expect these averages to drop over time.

This first season so far is sitting on par with the likes of Breaking Bad, which even the most hardcore Gotham fan would find it hard to agree with.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out, and what this could mean for Season 2, 3 and beyond…

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